Appreciation to our Partners

If gratitude is a good attitude then the president and board of Trustees of Compassionate Orphanage hereby appreciate the moral, financial and material support of charitable people who have come to the home to render sundry support.

Specifically, we want to appreciate

  • Lota Medical Centre Isheri
  • Pons Medical Laboratory, Isheri
  • Members and leaders of compassionate Outreach Ministries, Egbeda
  • Officers of Juvenile Police Centre Alakara and Adeniji Adele.
  • Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development
  • Dr. and Dr. Mrs. Onitiri
  • Covenant Christian Ministry
  • Jubili College, Okokomaiko, Lagos
  • Divine Touch Clinics, Mushin
  • First Hydro-Carbon (Nig) Ltd.
  • Orphans and Widow
  • Awojobi Clinics, Eruwa
  • Sliva Polymers
  • Ontario Oil & Gas.
  • Giving Heaven Joy.
  • Mr. Emmanuel Ited
  • Emilink Security Doors.
  • Kamy J
  • Friesland CapinaWamcoNig.Ltd, Ogba
  • Presha and Pooja.

All donors regular and seasonal, we thank you all and God bless you

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