The list of Frequently Asked Questions has been organized. Please click to view the questions and answers for any information you want to know. Thank you.
1How can i donate to the Foundation?
You can help us reach our goals of promoting and supporting children by;

1. Committing to a monthly/quarterly contribution in Naira(=N=) or any denomination
2. Make a one-time donation.

Or give in kind:

1. Clothes: for ladies and babies, nappies, towels and shoes
2. Feeding: Regular supply of foodstuffs, baby formula and provisions
3. Drugs: Vitamins and other off the shelf pharmaceutical products
4. Provisions: (For girls) sanitary towels, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet soap etc.
5. Education: Payments of school fees & Provision of educational materials.
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2How can i volunteer?
If you want to voluteer to be part of this great work, please fill in your data in our contact form and send to us.
3How do you find or get the Children that are in the Ophanage?
All the Children in Compassionate Orphanage are from the Lagos State Government Ministry of Youth and Social Development (LSGMYSD), same as in every registered homes
4In what area can we assist?
Sponsorship, Scholarship, Projects, Donations, and many more click here for more info
5Are you a registered ophanage home
Yes, We register in Nigeria under CAC, the Lagos State Government Ministry of Youth and Social Development (LSGMYSD)
6Is adoption allowed
Yes, through the Lagos State Government Ministry of Youth and Social Development (LSGMYSD) click here for more info
7Can we visit the home and at what time?
YES. Mon - Sat 9:00am - 6:00pm Sunday 1:00pm - 6:00pm
8Do you accept cooked foods?
9Can you host birthday event in your home?
10How long does adoption process take?
It's varies and not specific, depending on the processing speed by the social welfare ministry and the family court.
11Can I adopt from another state apart from where I reside?
No, you can only adopt in the state where you reside.
12What is the cost of the adoption processing fee?
Administrative fee only charge by adoption department of the supervising ministry.
13Can I adopt a day old Child?
No, because the investigation/clearance time is not less than 3months.

Support the less privileged children, Give them hope, Give them future!