Child Adoption and Fostering

Child Adoption and Fostering

It is part of our vision to put smiles on childless families as well as give our children a better home where they can get concentrated attention and fulfill their destinies. We believe in Adoption and we give out our children for adoption/ fostering. In fact, over 40 of our children have gone out on legal adoption.

Our adoption process involves a formal letter of request to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of social development youth and sport. Lagos State secretariat Alausa., Prospective adopter will be invited for interview and if successful a letter of approval would be given to search around for adoptable child in any of the Government approved homes including ours

When an adoptable child is presented and sighted by the prospective adopters. The home forward the case file containing medical report, police report and social report with the picture of the child to the social welfare department of the Ministry for investigations. If the investigations sails through, a release/dispatch order will be made by the family court and the child will be formally handed over to the adopter.

Thereafter the adopter will be invited by the social welfare department for hand over the exercise of the child. This is for a probationary period of three months after which the child will be presented for legalization in the family court and final approval granted for the adopter/ fostering family. For international adoption, the prospective adopters will first begin the process with the Government of Country where they reside and obtain formal approval. Thereafter, they will visit The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth & Social Development, Block 18, State Secretariat, Alausa, Lagos for the presentation of sealed documents.

He will peruse the documents, interview them and if successful they will be issued an approved letter and given contact addresses of approved orphanages. They will visit the orphanages and look for children of their choice as well as the consent of the operator of the orphanage to assist them.

The orphanage will forward the case history of the child, the juvenile police report and the medical report to the Ministry for social investigations after which a letter of authority to collect will be issued. Lastly, a family court order for release will be obtained before the child can leave the country usually after completing a specified bounding period. Contact Us

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